Viqueque District is situated in the South Eastern part of East Timor. It is 1.850 km2 and has a population of 70,068. On average there are 38 persons per square km.
There are five Sub-Districts, 35 villages and 236 sub-villages in the District. Most of the population is concentrated in Viqueque Sub-District with a total of 24,679 people, Ossu Sub-District 15,914, UatoLari 17,181, Uato Carbau 6,698 and Lacluta 5,596.

Viqueque District like the rest of East Timor sustained significant destruction during the violence that followed the results of the Popular Consultation in 1999. Material damage was substantive particulary in terms of infrastructure such as housing, public and private property, schools, health facilities, water and power. Also community unrest during the 2001 Boro Matan riots led to more damage to infrastructure and community organization within Viqueque town. Violence perpetrated against the community and within the community has had far reaching impact both economically and socially.

Reconstruction of socio-economic infrastructure has been ongoing since late 1999. This has been carried by UNTAET, United Nations Agencies such as UNICEF, WFP, UNHCR, UNDP and the World Bank. Support has also been provided by both international and local NGOs. Progress has been evident, but still a lot remains to be done to rebuild and reorganize the district's infrastructure and socio-economic base.

The district administration has three main development priorities for the period 2002-2003. These are: 1) infrastructure, 2) development of economy, 3) support for the government's internal administration. It is the belief of this district administration that these three items form the foundation for all future developmental planning endeavors and need to be in place before any further development can be realized in the medium to long-term future.

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