history of covalima
Originally there were five kingdoms of Camenaça, Suai, Maucatar, Taroman and Fohorem which made up the area of Covalima. Fohorem was one kingdom that had significant influence. Efforts to widen its influence and control over the other kingdoms was done in several ways: diplomatically, via marriage, negotiation or by conquering other kingdoms in the area. Once the King of Fohorem had secured his kingdom as the main kingdom in the area, he then gave each of his five daughters an individual kingdom to control, but under his guidance. In return, they gave percentages of their agricultural products, livestock and forestry to the Fohorem administration.

the name covalima
The phrase Covalima originates from the word "kova" which means a basket where you place betel nut as an offering to visistors. "Lima" or five represents the five daughters of King of Fohorem Nutetu.

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